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Product information "X1C"

G10 Garolite Plate - Bambu X1C

Craft with sustainability and precision! Our G10 Garolite Plate, designed for the Bambu X1C, seamlessly integrates fiberglass. Offering a sleek finish and exceptional adhesion, this plate is your gateway to top-notch quality and environmental consciousness.

Key Features:

  • Tailored for Bambu X1C series in a medium-sized format.
  • Durable fiberglass construction.
  • Unique resin blend for personalized properties.
  • ISO conformance ensures uniform quality.
  • Versatile compatibility with various 3D printing materials.
  • Default smooth plate settings for hassle-free printing.
  • Effortless cleaning with common agents like IPA, Blue Spiritus, or Ethanol.
  • Ideal for a glossy finish on prints.

Garolite: G10, G11
Supported Printers: A1, P1P, P1S, X1, X1C

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24 January 2024 22:07

Great plate

Fits well, prints came out great with just default settings. Also seems to heat more evenly than the PEI plate that came with the A1.

24 January 2024 22:58

Very Pleased

I bought the plate originally to be used on my P1P. I couldn't have been happier with the results especially when printing with petG. I recently picked up an A1 and use it on that machine as well, depending on the job running at the time. Vps's plate has become my goto. The shipping was great, communication was great and payment was easy. Ill be getting another plate for my k1 soon!

29 February 2024 00:22

G11 build plate is amazing

This place is incredibly helpful and insightful when I had questions. They answered every question and helped me out with a situation I was in. This place is awesome and their build plates are amazing too!

Nozzle Plate Protection

VPS Data
Nozzle Protection
Nozzle Protection Set for Bambu X1CSafeguard your 3D printing investment with our Nozzle Protection Set, a specialized solution meticulously crafted for the "Cleaning" arena on Bambu X1C. Specifically designed for both G10 and G11 variants, this set includes five spare protection plates ensuring you have a ready supply for continuous nozzle care.Key Features:Precision Engineering: Tailored exclusively for the "Cleaning" area on Bambu X1C (G10/G11), these protection plates provide precise protection for your nozzle during the printing process.User-Applicable: Designed for user-friendly installation on Bambu X1C, each protection plate in the set requires a simple removal of adhessive tape to adhere securely.Compact Size: These protection plates are conveniently sized for the designated area, ensuring an optimal fit without interfering with the printing process.Enhanced Nozzle Lifespan: The Nozzle Protection Plate minimizes wear on your nozzle, extending its lifespan and contributing to consistent printing quality.Durable Steel Construction: Crafted from high-quality steel, these protection plates offer a robust shield against nozzle contact with the X1C build plate.Set of 5 Spares: Ensure uninterrupted 3D printing with a set of five spare protection plates, allowing for quick replacements whenever needed.Easy Maintenance: Periodically check and replace the protection plates to maintain optimal nozzle performance.Elevate your 3D printing experience and protect your nozzle with our Nozzle Protection Plate Set – a user-friendly solution designed exclusively for Bambu X1C

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$ 8.01 *
VPS Data
Custom Engraving
Custom Engraving for Your Signature TouchElevate your 3D printing experience with our exclusive custom engraving service for G10 and G11 build plates. Personalize your workspace by adding your custom name or logo to your build plate, creating a signature touch that sets your prints apart.Key Features:Bespoke Design: Stand out in the world of 3D printing with a custom-engraved G10 or G11 build plate featuring your unique name or logo.Precision Engraving: Our state-of-the-art engraving process ensures a high level of detail, turning your design into a permanent part of your printing setup.Enhanced Aesthetics: Add a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your prints with a customized build plate that reflects your brand or personal style.Durable Finish: The engraving is seamlessly incorporated into the G10 or G11 surface, maintaining the durability and functionality of your build plate.Perfect for Individuals and Businesses: Whether for personal projects or showcasing your brand identity, our custom engraving service caters to both individual enthusiasts and businesses alike.Transform your 3D printing space into a personalized masterpiece. Contact us now to discuss your custom engraving ideas and give your G10 or G11 build plate a distinctive flair.

From €3.00*
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