Unsuported printers list

This is a list of all the printers that does not detect the plate and does not work out of the box unless you stick it to a steel plate

All our build plates contains FerroFoil on the back to stick to a magnetic surface

We are working ont he ferrofoil to improve detection , but for now the following list of printers are not 100% supported
This is mainly related to the default sensor they use , i will also update the list of sensors that do not work

  • Induction probes ( steel detection ) 
  • SuperPinda ( induction probe ) 
  • Beacon ( Eddy Currents )
  • Nozzle induction ( no current detection )  

Those are the printers that does not work out of the box so far

  • Prusa < mk4 ( mk3 .. )
  • Wasp 2040 ( nozzle induction probe ) 
  • ComGrow T500 ( induction probe )
  • Qidi Tech X-plus 3 (induction probe ) 

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